Bridging the

C&M Asset Management is a regulated asset management firm in the United States and corporate finance and private equity boutique registered in Pennsylvania. Our experts manage assets on behalf of retail & institutional investors and advise organizations on their infrastructure development and financing needs.

C&M provides the right platform and ecosystem for traders to manage investor funds and build a verifiable track record. We have a very strict vetting process for Traders who plug their trading platforms into our portfolio monitoring system. Traders must invest their capital in all accounts they manage on our platform, this gives the Traders more incentive to succeed and manage client funds more diligently. Our vetting process ensures we work with highly skilled and disciplined Traders. Our job is to bring them together with Investor capital for mutual success, in turn, we provide all Traders with regulatory cover to charge a minimum 15% success fee.

Thanks to our vetting process to verify Traders and their activity, coupled with Trader capital involvement we provide sophisticated investors with the safest means of tapping into Exclusive and Premium deals around the world and exposure to the best Traders and Asset Managers money can buy.

C&M Asset Management was founded in 2000 as an asset and market monitoring service for investors. We are able to deliver top tier financial service with our over 20 years of market experience.

Tailored Solutions

C&M Asset Management is a corporate finance and private equity boutique that offers tailored solutions prioritizing the goals of our clients.

We’re transparent

Our business is regulated to custody customer capital and information. We earn employee, client and regulator trust by being as transparent as we can within respect for employee & customer privacy, as well as the law.

Take calculated risks

We generate impact because we’re nimble. Agility implies risks, and that’s a good thing. Any risk where client resources (capital, data) are not at stake is worth it if the odds are good enough. Playing it safe is the riskiest gamble.

Outstanding Network

We have long standing relationships with multinational corporations, financial institutions, family offices.

Secure & Licensed 

C&M Asset Management Inc. operates as a subsidiary of an SEC regulated licensed asset management firm in Delaware and is regulated for corporate finance advisory in Pennsylvania.

Sustainability Impact

Our private equity interests have a strong ESG focus within the parameters of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.